Sufood devotes to transmit the green vegan dining concept and serve stylish “burden-free” Italian-inspired cuisines to all consumers. For this reason, our teams are dedicated to establish brand preference and positive brand image through successful events and strategy alliance.

How to make the traditional vegetarian food looks difference? Pizza and pasta were selected separately by two Sufood chefs and used king oyster mushroom as the main ingredient without seafood and meat. One of them changed the
shape of traditional pizza from circle to a star, another used the Bamboo Charcoal noodles and carved king oyster mushroom to present the famous squid ink pasta. This competition attracted a number of media and showed on TV in the following few days. As a result, the event made Sufood more popular and also promoted our non-traditional vegetarian Italian cuisine.
Champaign regular exercise/sports is the citizenship of Sufood, one of Wowprime’s 10 Areas for Good Corporate Citizenship. Due to this goal, we practice by held a fitness walking activity for free to appeal 2000 people who like exercise to
walk 7km with us without any age or gender restriction.
This year, it is our pleasure to invite Chi Cheng, who won the bronze medal in the women's 80-meter hurdles in the 1968 Summer Olympics and also a pioneer to advocate people keep fitness walking habit, to join the opening ceremony and lead all participators to start off.
To have a healthy body, we not only encourage people to keep exercise habit, but serve green food in Sufood restaurant. Therefore, participators who finished the 7km walking, we favor them a 50% discount coupon of Sufood. In this activity, all staff of Sufood also show their enthusiasm and warm attitude to serve everyone and earned commendation.
The cooperation with PUTIEN is a landmark of Sufood international development. Sufood announced on November 28 that it has entered a joint venture with PUTIEN, one of Singapore’s most popular Chinese restaurant chains to
introduce all vegan dining concept including brand story, meal, and service to Singapore.
The joint venture company Sufood Singapore Pte Ltd will see to establishing “New Italian”lifestyle vegan full-service dining restaurants in Singapore. Sufood, renown for its stylish “burden-free” Italian cuisines allows diners to indulge in their chef’s culinary skills in creating green tasty vegan courses unlike the traditional vegetarian food currently offered by local restaurants